Choose Life in Me

Choose Life in ME, says the LORD. Choose Me. Choose to serve ME. Choose to believe in Me. Choose to follow Me, For I Am, and there is no other GOD. I will not fail you and I will not harm you. I will not withhold any good thing from you, says the LORD. I Am the LORD of glory.

Finish the Good Work

I will finish the good work that I have begun in you, says the LORD. I will perfect it. I will honor you. I will bless you and you will be a blessing. I will keep you in My hand, and I will pilot you. You are My workmanship, and there is nothing about you that I Am not aware

Never Disappoint

I will never disappoint you, says the LORD. For the fullness of the desires of your heart are MINE to fulfill.  I will not give you a half of a cup of blessing, but I am El Shaddai, the GOD that is more than enough.  I will not even fill your cup, but I will cause you to overflow with

Glory and Grace

I am the LORD of glory and grace, says the LORD. I AM the unspeakable gift that I give you. Yes, I give you Myself. I give you My Spirit. I give you My anointing. I give you My joy and peace. I give you great pleasure in My presence. I give you great and exceeding, precious promises that I

Order Your Steps

I will order your steps in Me, says the LORD. I will lead you and guide you with My eye. You do not have to be concerned about the pace, for I have your times and seasons in My control. Every step that you take is planned and has purpose to further you toward your destiny in Me. I will

I Am Giving You Comfort

I am giving you comfort and joy in Me, says the LORD; for I Am your comforter. Come and receive the fullness of My joy in My presence. Abandon the stress and the demands that are vying for your attention and come into My presence. I want to give you comfort as I embrace you and lavish My love upon

Beautify You

I will beautify you in My glory; I will sanctify you in My Spirit; I will glorify My name in you; I will clothe you with Me, says the LORD. I will take you by the hand and lead you through the waters of the Jordon River to your promised land. I will enlighten your path and I will lead

Great Is My Faithfulness

Great is My faithfulness, says the LORD. I Am faithful to you at all times. I never give up on you and I never leave you. I will never abandon My kingdom purpose in you or change My plans for your destiny in Me. I will complete what I have begun to perfection, says the LORD. My kingdom is within

Your Comforter

I Am your comforter, says the LORD, and your unspeakable joy even in times of difficulty. Come away from the sorrows. Come away from the pain. Come away from the negativity around you. Come away from the temptations. Come away from the darkness, even darkness that can be felt that is around you in the world. Come away from the

Open Your Heart

Open, open your heart to Me, says the LORD, and I will come in. Open, open your life to Me, and I will orchestrate it for you. I will undertake for you. I will direct your path of righteousness in Me by My Spirit. I will undergird you, and I will hold your hand, and you will not fall. For