Unlimited Access

You have unlimited access to My presence and My glory, says the Lord. I have an inexhaustible supply of My power and glory that awaits you.  Enter into My presence and continue to receive more.  There is no limit.  I Am not restricting you or setting any limits upon you.  I Am no respecter of persons.  What I have given to

I Am a God of Restoration

I AM a God of restoration, and I will restore you, says the Lord.  I will resurrect the dreams and the desires of your heart that you now deem as way past the point of possibility.  I Will do the impossible for you.  I did not say that I can do it; I said that I WILL DO IT!  I

I Will Reveal My Glory

I will reveal My glory on the earth says the Lord.  I will pour out My Spirit in an unprecedented way.  I will show Myself to be strong on your behalf. I will display My power so that all will know that I Am God.  I will be seen and heard and My power will be manifest. For the earth belongs to Me,

Healing Wounds of the Broken Heart

I have seen the travail of your heart and I will heal the deep wounds of the broken in heart and I will set the captive free.  I will cause my light to shine forth in darkness, even thick dense darkness, and extinguish it with My radiant glory.  My light will be felt, says the Lord.  It is greater than

I Will Fill You with My Glory and My Power

I will fill you with My glory and My power in My presence, says the Lord.  There is no end to My power and glory!  You cannot exhaust it.  As you press into My presence, I will press My presence into you.  You will be filled to capacity and overflowing with My radiant glory.  Come closer.  Receive from Me the

Beauty for Ashes

I Am giving you beauty for ashes, says the Lord.  As you look at the ash heap of your life, just exchange it!  I will take it!  I will trade with you.  I will take all the burned up, useless, painful and unproductive things that you are lamenting over and give you My beauty.  Ashes are ugly and there is nothing

My Grace and Glory

I Am giving you My grace and glory, says the Lord. Yes, my grace is sufficient for you.  It is abundant.  You do not have to earn My favor.  You do not have to earn My infallible, constant love.  I love you because you belong to me, and that will never change. I change not!   I love you when you obey Me. 

Prophetic Word for the Year 2015

Prophetic Light Year 2005 Prophecy

The Lord says that the Year 2015 will be a coming out party for My espoused. Like a lady in waiting, My bride, you will be all decked out to meet Me, perfumed with the sweet scent of My anointing, bathed and purified in the presence of My glory, spotless, without wrinkle or blemish, beautified, sanctified and glorified.
You will be dancing before Me in perfect grace to the song of My heart….My beloved. You will be in perfect sync with My Spirit, stepping in the light as My glory will radiate upon you. Like Esther of old who pleased the king, I will crown you with loving kindness and tender mercies as you captivate My heart. You will find great favor in My presence and as you fall at My feet in worship, I will hold out the golden scepter to you and will grant your highest heart’s desire. Your tears, my beloved, will touch My heart and cause My voice, the voice of the bridegroom, to be heard, and My hand will move on your behalf, says the Lord. I will intervene. I will rescue you and those who belong to you, says the Lord. This is a year of the answer to the cry of your heart. This is the year of My blessings to be poured out upon you as you press into My presence, says the Lord.