I Never Quit

You are never alone, says the LORD, for I Am always with you. I never quit, and I will not quit on you. Do not quit on yourself. Do not give up on yourself. I have not. I have not called you to failure. I have not asked you to be a door mat that is trampled under the foot

My Glory

I will fill you with My glory, says the LORD, and cause it to erupt from you and fill the environs around you, says the LORD. Come into My presence and be fat and full of My unspeakable blessings that await you. COME! There is nothing prepared for you that is tasteless or ordinary. Nothing that I have for you

Fill You with My Glory

I will fill you with My glory, says the LORD, for you are My dwelling place and you are My holy priesthood. You are the vessel of honor that I will use to display My power and glory in the earth. Do not look to the future, but see Me at work NOW, says the LORD. You have longed for

My Plans and Purposes

I have not aborted My plans and purposes, says the Lord. They have come to a live birth and are vital and moving and growing and expanding and powerful. I Am alive and powerful in you, and you are an essential part of My Kingdom. You are not dead in Me, but alive! I have need of you and your

Full of My Glory

The earth shall be full of My glory as the waters cover the sea, says he LORD. I Am raising up carriers who will rise and shine. The light of My countenance will radiate upon them and be seen in the darkest corners of the earth. I will not be mocked. I cannot be defeated. You have prayed for My

Shadow of My Wings

I Am a covering for you as you abide under the shadow of My wings. I Am your shelter from the storms of life. I Am a shield from the heat of the day. I Am your place of safety always. I Am your peace. Come and find rest in My presence and glory, says the LORD. There is no

Come up Higher

Come up higher, says the Lord. Higher! Higher! COME UP! I Am elevating you in MY presence and glory. Arise. Ascend in My glory, for there is no ceiling to My glory! There is no boundaries in ME. There is MORE! Do not become complacent or satisfied with your present level in ME, says the LORD, for I want you

My Awesomeness

I will astound you with My awesomeness, says the LORD. For I will put Myself on display for you to see that I Am powerful and unlimited. I will not be obscure and My glory will be seen on you as you press into My presence. I will make a way for you that you didn’t even consider, for MY

Take Up Your Cross

Take up your cross daily and follow Me, says the Lord.  For your present sufferings are light compared to My glory to come.  My glory will be pressed into you and fill you.  I will cause the atmosphere to be charged with My presence and power and glory that will impact persons, places and things.  I will cause My glory

Clarifying My vision

I Am clarifying My vision in you, says the LORD.  For as I said in My Word, where there is no vision, the people perish. I do not desire anyone to perish.  I will give you clear and precise vision so that you will know what you are to do in this hour, says the Lord.  Do not despise the days