Triumph goes beyond merely overcoming, says the LORD. I will not just bring you through, as you say, “Whew! I made it!” But I will cause you to overwhelm the enemy that is threatening you and warring against you. The battle that is yours is MINE, and you are MINE! He does not even have a chance to lord it

Armor of Light

I have made you an overcomer, says the LORD. Be what I have created you! OVERCOME! Do not fold your hands in frustration and desperation and quit. For that is not the position of valor that I have given you. You are not a coward. You are a warrior. You are not a baby, but a trained and well-equipped warrior.

     Cast your imaginations down and tear down those strongholds of the enemy that is vying for your attention and keeping you from your destination in Me, says the LORD.    You must take charge, for I have given you the power to overcome. I have given you the weapons that you can use to war.  They are greater than the

You Shall Overcome


You shall overcome, says the LORD. You shall have the victory and stand in the winner’s circle with the trophy in your hands. I will see to it, for I Am with you and the One who has been called alongside to help you. I will give you good success as you shift your attention onto Me and receive of

Stop Struggling

Stop struggling and enter into my rest that remains for you, says the Lord. Trust in Me at all times. For I know you. I see you. I hear you and the cry of your heart has entered into My ears. Fret not. Fear not. For I Am with you always and have you in the palm of My hand.

My Burden Is Light

Do not become weary in your labors for me, says the LORD, for MY yoke is easy. My burden is light. I desire you to walk in ME. Walk in My strength. Walk In My Spirit. Walk in My love. Walk in My light. Walk in My Counsel. Walk in My truth! Walk in complete faith and confidence in ME.

My Peace Cannot Change

My peace I give to you that cannot be extracted from you, says the LORD. As I Am your peace, and abide; the peace that I give cannot change with your circumstances. I remain the same, and My gift of peace remains unchangeable and unalterable. Do not allow the storms of your life to distract you and interfere with My

I Will Restore Vitality

I will restore vitality to you as I breathe new life into you, says the Lord. It is the very breath of My Spirit that will raise you up out of depression and despondency.  I will cause you to overcome in these trying times and be victorious over the onslaught of the enemy.  His attacks will not defeat or overwhelm you,

My Face Is Not Hid from You

My face is not hid from you, says the Lord.  You are not a stranger or foreigner to Me, but a valued citizen in My kingdom with all the saints.  My throne room is your rightful access.  Come boldly.  You are at home in My presence as My child.  I have given you the keys to My kingdom with all

I Have Created You to Overcome

I have created you to overcome, and not to be overwhelmed by the enemy, says the Lord.  Just put on My armor and strap on My sword of the Spirit.  I have made you a ready warrior that is equipped to engage the enemy by night and day. Your weapons are not of the flesh, but of the Spirit, and