Full of My Glory

The earth shall be full of My glory as the waters cover the sea, says he LORD. I Am raising up carriers who will rise and shine. The light of My countenance will radiate upon them and be seen in the darkest corners of the earth. I will not be mocked. I cannot be defeated. You have prayed for My

Rest in My Presence

Rest in My presence, says the LORD.  You have wearied yourself with endless questions.  You have frustrated yourself with numerous uncertainties.  You have asked me to confirm the confirmations that I have already given you.  You have interrupted your praise of Me with the cares of this life.  The distractions that are distasteful to you have kept you busy about

Arise and Shine

Arise and shine, says the LORD.  Let My glory be seen on you as you bask in My presence as Moses My servant did. His face was aglow with My Spirit and radiant light.  He was not in a hurry to leave Me.  Don’t be in such a hurry.  Do not settle for a mere glimpse of MY face, says

Times of Refreshing

The times of refreshing are at hand as I refresh you.  I will refresh you with new and vital purpose. I will refresh you with a new vision.  I will refresh you and rejuvenate you with new strength. I Am downloading into you with a new and living faith and confidence in ME that will further you in your destiny with


Multitudes, multitudes are in the valley of decision, says the Lord. There are multitudes who have not decided whether to believe in Me or not. This is a season of indecision for so many. They have heard about Me. They have had testimony of Me, says the Lord. But they have NOT SEEN ME in action. They have not seen

Come and Feast at My Banquet Table

Come and feast at My banquet table that is spread with all kinds of delightful things, says the Lord.  You are invited to come and dine! You have the keys to My kingdom, and My table that is in My presence is spread for you. Come and eat and drink. Be filled with all that I have prepared for you! There are no missing

I Am Breaking Through the Darkness with My Light

Isaiah 58:8 - Then your light will break forth like the dawn

I Am breaking through the darkness with My light, says the Lord.  No more feeling your way through the cold, dark night of your experience.  No more obscurity.  No more bleakness!  No more waiting and wondering.  NO MORE, says the Lord.  The day star has risen, and I Am illuminating the path that you are to take.  Enough sorrow.  Enough

Let My Mind Be in You

Do not lean on your own understanding

Let My mind be in you this day, says the Lord.  I am calling you up to a new level in Me.  Come up higher.  Come higher.  Come empty before Me in My presence and abandon your mindset, your limited thinking, and allow My higher thoughts to be in you. You do not have to rely on what you now know.  What you