Be Quiet and Rest in My Presence

Be quiet and rest in My presence, says the LORD. For I Am in the midst of you. I Am in the midst of the storms that you are in and I will be present in the sudden storms that you did not even anticipate. I have it. I have you. I Am your place of security at all times, and you can rest, confidently in Me, as I still the storms, give you peace beyond your understanding, and create a great calm within you as well as the external things that you fear, says the LORD.

Do not allow the enemy to intimidate you with the things that you know, see, hear and anticipate, says the LORD. All your concerns are in My care, and I Am greater than the enemy. I have empowered you to overcome and I Am holding you up by My own right hand so that you can withstand anything that you are confronted with, because I Am the greater One with you, in you, and nothing can defeat you, overwhelm you, or resist you and succeed against you, because I Am always with you, says the Lord.

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