Only Trust Me

Only trust Me, says the LORD. Trust in Me with all of your heart. Never doubt. I have given you a Spirit of faith. I have given you hope in Me. It will never be unproductive. Your prayers of faith will save you. They will save the sick. They will bring to fruition he desire of your heart. You will

Never Disappoint

I will never disappoint you, says the LORD. For the fullness of the desires of your heart are MINE to fulfill.  I will not give you a half of a cup of blessing, but I am El Shaddai, the GOD that is more than enough.  I will not even fill your cup, but I will cause you to overflow with

Obey My Voice

Good success comes from Me as you follow Me and obey My voice. I never lead you into darkness, but light. I will always bring you into a large place and enlarge you to fill it, says the LORD. My kingdom is vast and glorious and there is no end to its light and glory and power. There is no

I Can Be Trusted

Trust in ME at all times, says the LORD. I can be trusted. Trust that I love you. Trust that I care about you. Trust that I know all about you and still love you. Trust that I have always taken care of you and watch over you at all times. There is nothing absent or missing in My care

Trust in Me at All Times

Trust In Me at all times, says the LORD, for fear is not of ME. I did not author it, and it torments you. I Am your peace at all times, and your circumstances cannot destroy the unimpeachable peace that I give you. My peace will bring you into a quiet and confident place in Me, regardless of what is

I Am Your Defense

I Am your defense, says the LORD. As your advocate, I Am always on your side to help you. I Am in complete control and not subject to any person, place or thing. Everything and everyone is subject to ME. I Am the Almighty, and I Am in control. Though things seem to have been spinning out of control, I

Not Fallen Short

You have not fallen short of My grace, says the Lord, for it is infallible and inexhaustible. There is no time that I will withhold it from you. For every time you approach Me, I readily receive you with open arms. Each time you cry to Me, I hear! You are never put on hold, and I will NOT withhold

Turn Away

Turn away from your pain and your sorrow and your problems and fix your eyes upon Me, says the LORD. Turn away from the past failures and losses and disappointments, says the Lord and look ahead. Entrust Me with what lies ahead. I will heal the wounds of your past. I will give you joy for your sorrow. I have

Trust and Wait

Trust in Me and wait on Me and I will bring it into being, says the LORD. Did you think that it was outside of My ability? My voice is still speaking with ultimate authority, and I Am still creating. Just as I said, “Let there be light,” and it appeared immediately, the things that I do and perform are

My Favor and Grace

My favor and grace for you is always the same, even as I cannot change, says the LORD. It is your faith in Me that pleases Me. Let your faith be unwavering and unchanging with all your times and seasons as well. Maintain your trust in Me at all times. Do not let fear grip you or invade your life.