I Have Not Abandoned You

I have not abandoned you, nor have I aborted My plan for your life, says the Lord.  You are in the very palm of My hands that have shaped you and formed you for My Kingdom purpose, power and glory.  I Am on task even now formulating that which concerns Me within you.  You are My workmanship, created in Me and for Me.  My desires for

I Am with You Always

I Am with you always, says the Lord.  There is never a time when you are alone. I will never leave you nor forsake you.  There are times when you have felt all alone, but you were not.  I Am not a silent observer, but active always in your life.  I Am with you wherever you go and wherever you are, says the Lord.  I Am with

You Shall Reign in Life As a King


You shall reign in life as a King, says the Lord. I have made My beloved children Kings and priests unto Me. It is a now royalty. It is now authority. It is a now dominion. I didn’t make you to be run over; I have made you to rule, says the Lord. This is not just in Heaven, but

I Have Sent My Angels to Encamp

I have sent My angels to encamp round about, you, says the Lord, and they are on task to keep you in all your ways.  My ministering spirits are equipped with flaming swords that battle for you against the dark forces that are fighting against you and those that you Love.  I Am fortifying you and Am a mighty fortress

Be Loosed from the Chains

Break the Chains

Sorrow is turned into joy before Me, says the Lord. I Am turning away your captivity before your very eyes.  I say, prison doors, be open.  Be loosed from the chains that have bound you.  Let My light shine into the very shadows of depression in your life.  Enough of the pain and suffering.  No more, says the Lord.  I do not want

Your Future Is Secure in Me

Am I Trusting God

Your future is secure in Me, says the Lord.  Today is the future that many fretted about in the past and predicted that the sky was falling.  Many predicted that this day the bottom would fall out.  You are standing in My presence and provision on ground that is solid and secure.  Like a solid rock, I have placed you upon an

Perfect Peace

perfect peace

Perfect peace comes only when you have perfect trust in me, says the Lord. You will only have peace in the areas of your life that you relinquish control of and give to Me. Why are you holding onto things that you cannot fix, change or control, I ask? Do you think that you have a better solution than I

Receive Your Miracle by Faith

Everything is Possible

Receive your miracle by faith and trust in Me, says the Lord.  I Am a God of miracles now.  I perform them all the time!  Miracles are not a sign of the times nor are they a merely a historical event.  I Am the same yesterday, today and forever, says the Lord.  ONLY BELIEVE!  DO YOU BELIEVE?  DO YOU TRUST

Unburden Yourself Today

Unburden yourself today in My presence.  Do not come to Me and tell Me about all of your burdens and concerns without giving them to ME, says the Lord.  Bring them to Me, and leave them with Me to handle.  You came to Me because they were heavy and miserable and weighing you down.  Don’t just talk to Me about this! 

Shift Your Burdens over onto Me

Shift your burdens over onto Me, says the Lord.  Unburden yourself.  I do not want you falling under the weight of them.  I Am with you, not only to undergird you and strengthen you and help you, but for you to cast your cares upon Me!  You have become weary in the care of them.  Do not allow the pressures of your life to weigh you