Encourage Yourself

Encourage yourself in Me, even as My servant David of old did when all seemed lost and he was mourning and not knowing what to do.  Encourage yourself in Me when you are looking at the losses that you have suffered.  They are temporary, says the LORD.  Nothing is lost that you give to Me.  When you encourage yourself in

Every Promise

I will fulfill every word and every promise that I have given to you, says the Lord. It is not about second or third or more chances, because I have not given you any chances. It is not about choices, says the Lord. It is about My prescribed will for your life. I Am GOD.  I change NOT.  My purposes remain

I Am in Control

I Am in control of everything, says the Lord. Even when things seemed to have spun out of control in your life, nothing frightens or frustrates Me.  Do not look at the impossibilities and forget there is no perimeters to My power and authority. Everything that was and is and is to come is within the scope of My ability to change and affect.  Nothing takes Me by surprise and there is

Sure-footed and Steady

I have made you sure-footed and steady in this season, says the Lord.  I will hold you up and keep you from falling.  Trust that as you lean on Me, I Am supporting you.  You will not falter in the way as long as you are trusting in My unfailing hands. I will steady every step and clear the way ahead.  I Am with

Storms of This Life

Come under the shadow of My wings, says the Lord, where I can protect and shelter you from the storms of this Life. For I will completely cover you and keep you and provision you, says the Lord.  You belong to Me.  I Am the one who watches meticulously over you, and I am your shield. Do not fret when you see the storm clouds on

Relinquish the Control

Relinquish the control of your life and the lives of those you love, and let Me control everything, says the Lord. Unburden yourself.  You know what the results are when you give Me your cares and then pick them back up again and walk out of My presence just as heavy as you were before.  Let GO of them!  If

I Long to Have Intimacy

I long to have intimacy with you, says the Lord.  Come quickly into My presence where I await you.  It is pleasurable for Me to hear YOUR voice, and I long to share My heart with you.  Come and share your concerns with Me, for My ear is open to your earnest desires.  I will even scan the hidden desires

Put Your Full Trust in Me

Put your full trust in Me, says the Lord.  Give me access to your entire life.  Do not reserve portions that you will not relinquish control over.  Abandon yourself fully in My presence and press into My glory.  For not only will you experience My glory, but I will press it into you and cause you to be a carrier of it.  When you carry My glory,

Do Not Fret

Do Not Fret your circumstances, but trust Me with all of your care, says the Lord.  As you place your entire life into My hands, you will be at peace. It is only when you try to reason everything that you come into unrest.  Resist the temptation to understand everything and allow Me to work out the details of your life.  Trust in Me at all

I Will Fully Provision You

I will fully provision you, says the Lord. Looking at half empty or half full is not what matters. Trusting for fullness is the perspective that I want you to have, says the Lord.  Do not be content with less than I purchased for you by My shed blood and finished work on the cross.  I paid the FULL price