I have fully equipped you as a mighty soldier in Me, says the LORD. You are not a wimp, and you will not be defeated. Just fight, for you will win in the conflicts that are trying to assault you. The enemy will not be successful against you, for I Am with you to help you to defeat everything that comes against you, and give you GOOD success, as you trust in Me. I have already given you My armor, My sword  and My shield, and it is the absolute best, and cannot be penetrated by the weapons of the enemy. That which you have are superior and flawless. They will overpower the enemy and defeat every one of his purposes that oppose MY PURPOSE and calling in your life. TRUST THAT YOU ARE NOW a person of valor and an undefeated champion, even before you engage in the battle. It is already called, and you are the victor, says the LORD.

Be who you are in Me, a person of might and power, by My Spirit, says the LORD.  Be bold and strong and courageous in Me!  I Am the HIGHEST, and there is NO POWER that can conquer Me, so there is none that can defeat you. I will secure you, defend you, stand alongside to help you and empower you to cut off the heads of the giants, destroy the diabolical works of the devil and run through every troop that desires to detain you. You will not be stopped, for I cannot be. You are my valiant warrior, ready trained, fully armed and dangerous, and I will cause you to always triumph in Me, says the LORD.

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