Choose Me this day as the Lord of everything and all in your life, says the LORD. Choose Me as Your Savior. Choose Me as your Lord. Choose Me as Your Healer. Choose Me as your deliverer. Choose Me as Your help. Choose Me as your friend. Choose Me as your Peace. Choose Me as the one Who empowers you. Choose Me as Your provider. Choose Me as your protection. Choose Me as Your builder and Maker. Choose Me as Your caregiver. Choose Me this day as Your ALL in All, says the LORD.

When You choose Me, then trust ME to be all that you have proclaimed Me to be for you, says the LORD. For there is NOTHING that I will not do for those who believe! Nothing will be impossible for you. ONLY TRUST in ME! Let Me be the one who completes you, perfects you, provides for you, prepares you and presides over your life. I will not leave anything out that you need, and you will have abundant joy, perfect peace, and will be fat and full of My blessings upon blessings as I enrich you by My grace and favor, and bring you into the place that I have prepared for you. Then you will successfully complete your earthly sojourn with Me, Who will remain faithfully by your side, says the LORD.

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