Count your blessings rather than your difficulties, says the LORD. There is much more to be thankful for than to complain about. I have given you blessings upon blessings, and watch over you day and night. Don’t get distracted and discouraged about the little things that annoy you, and forget about the good things I have given you every day to enjoy. Thank Me for the strength that I give you every day, and the rest that I give you every night. I Am with you always as your wonderful caregiver, so recognize Me and rejoice that I will abide with you at all times, says the LORD.

The things that disturb you today will not be long remembered, for they are just fleeting, says the LORD. But the things that are eternal come from Me. The gifts that I have given you cannot be extracted from you, and nothing can separate you from My love. I will help you and uphold you and you are more than equipped to handle the difficulties that you face, for I have enabled you to overcome. Be observant of your blessings and mindful of My daily care for you, and put little interest into the things that have disappointed you, as you focus on My constant goodness and mercy that I have given you, and dwell on the things that you have rather than what you have not yet acquired. As you praise Me and dwell on the positive things that surround you, the depression will flee, and you will rejoice in Me, says the LORD.

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