God Answers PrayerI have heard the cry of your heart and I have seen your tears, says the LORD. I have heard your earnest prayers and know your sorrow. I will answer you and give you everything that you need. As you entrust your total care to Me and allow Me to have the control of your life. Trust that I have your best interest at heart, and know what you need before you pray. Believe that I will not extract anything from you that is beneficial to you, nor will I deny you any good thing, says the LORD.

I will not give you that which will ruin you, bring destruction into your life or the lives of others, says the LORD. I know the future and some things that you long for will only bring you pain. Will you trust Me when I withhold them from you? You do not know the many sorrows that I have already spared you from because I did not give you what you wanted. Believe that I only have good things to pour into you, and pain and loss is not from Me. I love you always, and you are always in My heart and thoughts. Believe that I Am shielding you, and will bring you through every time of testing, untouched and unharmed, says the Lord.

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