Gods Promises

I Will Fulfill All My Promises

Gods PromisesNone of My promises are off the table, says the LORD. I will fulfill all of them as I promised then in the first place and proclaimed them for you. Why would I tell you something and then not give it? CAN I LIE? I know where you are, what your circumstances are, what you need and how you will obtain it. You will not have to plead, for I willingly give you everything that you need, and desire to lavish My love upon you, says the LORD.

Believe in My Word, and trust that I Am the ONE to fulfill everything that I have spoken over you, says the LORD. If you have waited for your miracle and provision, why not hold fast to your profession of faith in ME? I will honor My Word and give you everything that you need, even as I have declared. JUST trust and believe, for you will receive the fulfillment as you embrace My promises with unwavering faith and trust in Me, says the LORD.

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