Your enemies will not prevail against you, says the Lord. I will avenge you of your adversaries. I will bring judgment speedily upon those who have wrongfully opposed you and justice and righteous will be served. You will be rewarded for your faithfulness and a recompense will be upon the wicked. Just look ahead and do not look back at the ash heap of losses, says the LORD.

For as My Servant, David of old, encouraged Himself in Me as He lost his city and all his belongings and his family, he kept his hope and faith in Me at all times, says the LORD. He recovered all. He was promoted and He moved forward to better things. Cannot I do the same for you? Trust that I have come to destroy the works of the devil. He has no placed in you. It is I who will vindicate you, heal you, guide you, protect you, avenge you and restore your soul, says the LORD.

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