Declare My Word Into Your Situations

Declare My powerful, penetrating, life-giving, infallible Word into every one of your situations, and watch Me perform it in every time, says the LORD. My Word is not hit and miss, or guess work. KNOW what you believe, and speak it boldly, confidently, and refuse to bow, bend and kneel to your difficult circumstances. They will bow to you, as you use the authority that I have given you, and command in My Name. Change will come. Answers will manifest. You will receive what you believe Me for, as you profess My Word and My Name, says the LORD.

You are given absolute victory for the taking, says the LORD. I have already positioned you. My promises are real, and they are for you. Boldly proclaim that they belong to you, because THEY DO! I have no favorites, and no one is entitled to My blessings more than you. I hear you. I love you. I will bless you and honor your faith in Me and My infallible Word. There are NO LIMITS, and nothing will be impossible as you BELIEVE, and EXPECT the answers, as you boldly and confidently proclaim My Word to be absolutely true for you, says the LORD.

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