I Am responsible for you, says the LORD. I do things responsibly! I have bought you with a great price, and value you. How can I invest so much into you and not take meticulous care of you? I have a total interest in you and your life. You cannot escape My attention, and are always in My thoughts, plans, and heart. What you need is what you will receive from Me, for there is NO GOOD THING that I will withhold from you, says the Lord.

I mean what I say, and preform My Word to the very tiniest detail, says the LORD. I make NO MISTAKES, and I have begun a good work in you. I have no need to revise My plans, change My purposes, or speed things up or slow them down. The stall to you is not one to ME. I set the pace and I also know and design your times and seasons, for YOUR GOOD! What you do not understand is not important, since MY understanding is infinite. ONLY TRUST IN ME at all times. ONLY BELIEVE! I will perfect that which concerns you, for YOU ARE MY constant responsibility, and all that I do for you is because of Who I AM! I AM love, and you are loved, valued and cared for by Me always, says the LORD.

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