I Am your Provider, says the LORD. I have sustained you, and I will continue to do so. You do not have to beg for your bread, for I will supply. I gave My people bread in the wilderness every day for forty years, and it never ceased. They drank water that flowed out of a rock. They had more than enough. Can you not believe that I will furnish you with everything that you need and give you more than enough? Trust that I will supply your need, as I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies, and you will be fully satisfied, says the LORD.

Nothing dictates to Me or limits Me, says the LORD. Nothing is too difficult for Me. I own everything, and I Am aware of all your need. Trust Me when you cannot see and know that I CAN! I will take care of you in every time and season, and you can trust in Me to be your everything and all. My promises are kept, and as you lean on Me, you will never fall, never fail, and never have need to fear, says the Lord.

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