I am your strength, says the Lord. I Am your enabler. I Am life and light in you. You are not a weakling. You can do everything that I have called and chosen you to do! I Am the One Who equips you, and gives you the wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding that you need for the hour, and I have given you the power of MY Spirit. USE what I have gifted you with and take the steps that I have ordered for you. Do what is in front of you, and do not worry about the things that you do not know, but commit yourself to the task at hand, says the LORD.

I Am in charge of your unknown future, and you will not need to KNOW what lies ahead, says the LORD. Pay attention to the things of today and attend to what you know. Leave the rest to ME! Do you remember how you were in the past, and how you wanted to have perfect vision for what you now see and know today? I brought you to this point, and I will carry you into every tomorrow, as I give you revelation that you need for every time and season that I have ordained for your life. All your worry and concern did not change one thing, and I have been with you every step of the way in your earthly sojourn, and I always will be. As you entrust Me with your life and stop fretting about what you do not yet know and understand, you will have the peace that I HAVE ORDAINED for you, and you will be at rest, says the LORD.

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