God Answers PrayerLook to Me for the answers for all of your troubles, says the LORD. Make Me your source. Make Me your first pursuit. Do not make me your last resort. Call upon Me in your day of trouble, and I will answer YOU! I Am aware pf you and all of your situations. I Am ready to help. I want to! I will be the first responder, as you make your plea to Me immediately. As you cry to Me for help in difficult times, it is MY call to deliver. I did not bring the troubles, but I will delete them from your life as you entrust Me with everything that pertains to your life, says the LORD.

Total care is total care, and always means always, says the LORD. I will do it! I WILL! I have come to deliver you out of all your afflictions, not to afflict you. I do not create problems for you so that I can fix them. That is the works of the enemy that I have come to destroy. I will answer you with outstretched arms. I will bare my holy arm against the enemy who is no match for Me. I am the SOVEREIGN, and on your side. I will defend you, heal you, preserve you, provide for you, protect you and release you from the bondage and snares of the evil one, and set you free to serve me, says the LORD.

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