I Am all-powerful, and I will empower you, says the LORD. You will not need another source, for I AM more than enough for you. I will strengthen you within and without. I will help you as I hold you up and keep you sturdy and stable on your feet. You will not have to have a fear of falling, for I cannot fall, and neither will you! You can always lean upon Me. Depend upon me at all times, for I am trustworthy. I cannot fail, and you will never be disappointed as you wait on Me, and fully trust in Me at all times, says the Lord.

Your future is known to Me, says the LORD. Nothing takes me by surprise, and I Am never off guard. I Am aware, alert, and cannot be challenged. So don’t be! Let Me be your complete strength, and take courage, no matter what happens. BELIEVE! TRUST. STAND! You CAN do all things through Me, because I will strengthen you. Your enemy is not stronger, has no power to prevail against you, and his attacks are against Me, not you. He cannot win, nor can you lose, because I stand faithfully by your side, assuring you that you will always be the victor, always be enabled to triumph in Me, as you make Me your trust, says the LORD.

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