I will help you, says the LORD. You do not need to beg or cry or plead for My help or ever wonder where I Am! I Am with you always! Your trouble is not too much for Me, and I know exactly how to bring you through it and OUT of it. I will not leave you to flounder in your difficulties alone. I want to help. I can help you. I WILL, says the LORD.

Simply come to Me as a child, says the LORD. Just as a son looks up to His father in the earth, look up to Me as your eternal Father who KNOWS what is best for you and understands every need that you have. I will instruct you. I will give you answers to your questions. Your complications are NOT difficult for me. My understanding is infinite, My knowledge unsurpassed, and I will teach and show you the way, as you lean upon Me, depend upon Me and trust Me with your entire life and all your concerns. I will help you, and as you entrust your care to Me, you will not be disappointed in the way I led you or the outcome, that will always be GOOD, says the LORD.

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