Focus on what is important, says the LORD. Life and living is what I want you to engage in. Death, and dying, and grief and loss are not from Me, and I want you to come out of mourning. I want you to remove the black veil from your face and put off the widow’s attire. You have things to do! You have been granted life, and every moment counts! You count. I count! I have your life in My hands, and I will continue to lead you and guide you by My Spirit that is very much alive in you, says the LORD.

You are alive in ME, and your destiny is ahead, not in the past problems, the past pain, the past disappointments. Who said that you failed the test? MOVE FORWARD, out of the ash heap of rejection, broken dreams, and lost vision. OPEN your eyes to what is ahead of you and FORGET about regrets that want you to turn around and wallow in defeat. I have good things in store for you, a greater vision and a forecast that is bright and sunny. Away with the grief, for this day I have created for you, blessed it, blessed you, and will give you joy for the journey as you walk hand in hand out of the darkness of yesterday, and into the light of My glory and grace that I have for you now and always, says the LORD.

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