My Plan is Always GOOD, Productive, and Successful

Cancel your plans or defeat, says the LORD. That is the plot of the enemy, and you are not to entertain his thoughts or believe his lies. You will go in the direction that your thoughts take you, so do not allow your mind to dwell on evil. Think My thoughts and speak My Word and follow MY plan and purpose for you, which is always good, always productive, always successful, and always praiseworthy, says the LORD.

Defeat is not even on the table, says the LORD, so it cannot be considered as a possibility. I cannot align with evil and there is no room for compromise. Lies and truth cannot come together to make a contract and there is no room for partial truth. I will teach you the truth that is enduring, for I AM the way, the truth and the life. You will not have to beg for justice, for I am with you to give you MY righteousness, and I will judge correctly, and vindicate you, FREE OF CHARGE. I Am on your side to insure your safety and your GOOD success as you place your faith and confidence in ME. You will receive more grace and favor from Me and that will also come from others, and you will be pleased with the outcome of your current trials, as I Am the One standing alongside to help you, says the LORD.

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