Holy, Holy, Holy is MY Word, says the LORD. My Word is POWERFUL and PRODUCTIVE and living. My WORD is life to YOU and in you. There is no death in My Word that brings forth eternal life! My WORD is alive forevermore, even as I AM alive forevermore. My WORD is SPIRIT AND LIFE in all that it touches and penetrates. My Word is healing and delivering, for that is what I sent it forth to do, and it will not return void or empty or unproductive again to ME, but will accomplish what I sent it forth to do! My Word will HEAL YOU, DELIVER YOU and EMPOWER YOU and change your life, as I cut you free with the sword of MY WORD and bring you forth as a BRAND NEW creation in ME, says the LORD.

POWERFUL is MY WORD, says the LORD. You will live by My WORD that I watch over to perform. IT is not difficult for ME to heal. NOTHING IS DIFFICULT FOR ME, ever. It is accomplished by My Spirit that is in you. Let faith arise in your heart, for WHAT I SAY, I WILL DO for you. ONLY BELIEVE and receive My promises, and you will only experience the wonderful working of MY WORD as you testify of MY goodness for you in the land of the living and proclaim to all those around you, “PROMISES FULFILLED.” As you believe in My Word, so shall it be, and you will embrace all that you have believed Me for, according to MY WORD for you, says the LORD.

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