Safe, Secure, Provisioned, Protected

The enemy cannot stake any claims on you, says the LORD. I already own you, and you are not subject to him. You are My servant-child, and I will never give you up! I will never sell you to the highest bidder, and you will never be under the authority of any other. I Am the Sovereign, and I do not only own you, but I Am with you and live within you. I will not need to wrest with the evil one, for I have already defeated your enemy and spoiled him and triumphed over him and put him to open shame, says the LORD.

He has nothing in you, so do not give him any place, says the LORD. There is no space or place left for Him as I occupy you and fill you with My Spirit. My Spirit is peace, righteousness and joy, and you have been liberated from the bondage of fear. Do not succumb to the temptation to fear the tricks of the enemy or listen to his lies, for he has nothing good to say, and cannot speak the truth. Close your mind, plug your ears and blind your eyes to the strategies of the evil one who cannot even stand before you, because I Am standing alongside to help you. He already knows who I Am and he also knows you belong to Me. You are safe and secure, protected and provisioned, and nothing can harm you, because I Am with you always, says the LORD.

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