Cancel every appointment that you have with the enemy, says the LORD. He will never keep his word, for everything he does is a lie. He is not on your side, cannot promote you, cannot bless you, cannot lengthen your days, cannot prosper you, and will only deceive you and set you up for ultimate destruction, as he laughs at you for thinking that you can believe anything that comes from his lying lips, says the LORD.

Trust in Me, says the LORD. Always trust in My Word, that cannot change, cannot lie, cannot be altered and cannot be broken. My Word is infallible, and though it is a hammer and a sword, it is not aimed at you for demolition. I came to empower you, give you life, and MY WORD IS LIFE to all that find it, and HEALTH to all your flesh. My sword is to be in your mouth that destroys the diabolical works of the enemy. My hammer is a weapon against the deceiver. I will build you up, not tear you down, and I will give you everything you need, as you trust in Me and My Word that will always be exact, and will work for you as you simply believe and receive it, rather than compromise with the enemy that desires to destroy you. I will keep My promises, and never change My mind, purpose and plan for your life. TRUST IN ME, for I Am trustworthy. SIMPLY TRUST, says the LORD!

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