I Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart

I will satisfy the longing of your soul, says the LORD. I will grant you the desires of your heart as you wait on Me and maintain your trust in Me, regardless of what things look like around you. If I said it, I meant it. I cannot change My Word, change My mind, change My will, or change Myself. I remain the same. Circumstances do not intimidate Me. I Am not subject to anything or anyone. I will never be out-witted, and I cannot be manipulated or controlled. You can fully trust that I will meet you where you are, and fulfill My purposes in your life, says the LORD.

You are secure in ME, says the LORD. Don’t ever doubt My love for you. Don’t ever doubt Me! I cannot fail you! Don’t ever doubt My presence in your life, for I WILL NEVER leave you or abandon you or ignore you! Don’t ever doubt the promises that I have given you, for you WILL REALIZE everyone of them as you continue to walk in My Word, Walk in faith, and trust Me to fulfill them. You will receive what you will embrace by faith in Me, as you wait on Me in simple, dependent, ongoing, uninterrupted faith and confidence in Me, says the LORD.

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