I have already decreed everything over you that needs to be decreed, and all My Words will come to pass, says the LORD. My Words will not fall to the ground. They will not be unproductive. They will not be empty promises or unfulfilled dreams. My vision, My Words, My thoughts and plans will be implemented to the very smallest punctuation mark, for I AM GOD, and My Word is unstoppable, unrelenting, powerful, life giving, productive, and will be performed on earth in your life as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

Will I annul My own Word? Will I ever change my mind? Are My higher thoughts and plans going to be compromised to fit in the lower thoughts and plans and purposes of anyone? No! NEVER! I Am not One who will lie, nor make promises that I will not keep. I will never nullify My Word that will work wonders in your life. For what I say, I mean! What I say, I DO. My Word is alive, moving, effectual, and a fire that cannot be quenched. You can believe ME, who is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, always! Trust in that which cannot be changed, altered, or destroyed. I Am the ONE WHO will order your steps according to MY WORD, and it shall be done, exactly, perfectly, and always powerfully, as you place your faith and trust in ME, says the LORD.

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