I Will Show Forth My Power and Confirm My Authority

NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING takes Me by surprise, says the LORD. The sneaky attacks of the evil one are NOT secrets hid from My all-seeing, all-knowing eyes. I know what his diabolical plans are, and I have come to destroy his works. He cannot hide from Me, and there is nothing that he plans that I do not already know. There is no way of escaping My infinite wisdom and understanding, and no place to run from me, says the LORD.

The dark and evil one will not win, says the LORD. I will show forth My power and confirm My authority over the earth that belongs to me. If the nations are a drop in the bucket in My eyes, what can mere man do against ME? Since I Am on your side, do NOT fear what man can do onto you! Fear ME only! I will not allow evil to prevail, for I Am the GOD of justice, righteousness, and MY TRUTH endures forever. Nothing can change MY ENDURING TRUTH, that will outlast the earth that I have created for My purposes, My pleasure, and My will. Fear NOT, for you are My righteous ones that I will never allow to be destroyed, defeated, or snuffed out. It will never happen, for My voice of many waters will flood the earth, and never be silenced. I cannot be destroyed, My Word will produce My Works, and I will be everything that I said I would be for you, at all times, without a hiccup or a blinking of the eye, says the LORD.

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