Relax and Enjoy the Journey

I will strengthen, help, and uphold you with My Own righteous, holy hand, says the LORD. You will not fall nor fail, for I will keep you sure footed and steady on your feet. You can relax and enjoy the journey as you link up with Me, and cast your burdens and concerns onto Me. You will not have to carry the load, but just view the scenery and bask in My glory that will be seen on you and be around you, says the LORD.

I never burden you, but bear them for you, says the LORD. Unburden yourself, as you place your total care and that of those you love onto Me. I will take responsibility for everyone and everything, if you will but trust MY righteous and holy hand that not only embraces and secures you, but provides, protects, empowers, heals, delivers, and comforts you. You are furnished. You are safe. All is well, as you forfeit your rights to carry your own burdens, and relinquish the controls of your own life and situations, and let Me have your total care, total control, that will give you total rest and peace, says the LORD.

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