Don’t Lose Hope

Don’t lose hope, says the Lord.  Hope in Me.  I Am a promise keeper, and I will not fail.  Do not look at what seems to be delays in your answer, for nothing can keep Me from fulfilling every Word spoken over you and everything you have believed in it’s time.  I Am in charge of all your times and seasons.  I want you to trust in Me at all times.  Even when you can see nothing, trust.  Even in times when the fog is so dense you cannot recognize anything ahead, trust!  Trust Me when nothing seems to be moving you forward toward your personal promised land.  Those are the times that I want you to stand in faith.  Stand still and see My salvation.  Stand, complete in Me!  Stand in My armor that I have provided for you.  Just Stand!  In those times, be still.  You do not even have to talk back at the devil.  Never mind him. His lies are not even worthy of your response.  Turn away from him and look unto Me, and listen to Me and talk to Me.  You do not have to defend yourself.  I Am your defense.  Let Me do that for you, says the LORD.

The evil one doesn’t have a chance, so don’t give in to his fear tactics, says the Lord.  Look back and remember the many times he did the same thing.  He threatened. He criticized.  He taunted and mocked you.  Regardless of whether you listened to him or not, you never experienced the things he threatened, because I was with you and on your side.  Even in times when you were fretting and failed to believe, I was there.  I never allowed you to be tempted above that which you were able to bear, and always provided a way of escape for you.  Today is no different than the past except that you have been delivered from those trials.  It will be no different today and tomorrow than it was then.  I brought you through the impossibilities then, and I will do so now and forever.  It is just the circumstances that are different.  The enemy is the same old liar that he always has been.  His tactics are different, but he is the same. I Am the same faithful, powerful Lord of your life.  So trust me to give you the realization of those things you hope for in Me, says the Lord.

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