Everything is Possible

You will know the power of My Word as the evidence of MY Work in your life, says the LORD. My Word is a Word of FAITH that I have spoken. REPEAT WHAT I HAVE ALREADY SPOKEN and listen to what I will speak NOW. For your now faith in My Word will give substance to your hope. It will fill it up with life, and your dreams will COME TRUE! Come on! Turn on your faith as you believe! Believe that I Am. My Word is alive. I AM the LIVING GOD, the LIVING WORD. Believe that I will perform MY WORD for YOU! According to YOUR FAITH, you will obtain the precious, priceless Working of MY Word in your life, says the LORD.

ONLY BELIEVE, says the LORD. RECEIVE! What you see now is what I have spoken. When I said, “Let there be light,” there was a performance of MY WORD! My Word is not empty, unfulfilled promises, but powerful and productive. I Watch over MY WORD to perform it. ALIGN with My Word and you will see the proof of it in your life as I will part the RED SEA for you. I will give YOU LIGHT on the path that is before YOU. I will supply all YOUR NEED! I will give you the desires of YOUR HEART. I will do everything that you will believe Me for as you trust in My infallible Word that will never fail, never be forgotten, never change and is always a performance as you BELIEVE, so shall it be for you. You will have evident proof that MY WORD works as you make My Word become your Word of faith that you speak, believe and YOU WILL SEE a performance of it in your life, precisely according to MY WORD, says the LORD.

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