You do not need to know the strategies that I have already purposed and planned for you, says the Lord. Just have simple, Child-like faith in Me, and know that I Am with you always, on your side, and I cannot bring confusion, but will still the storms of life and bring about a calm. I Am your peace and I will quiet and settle you as you believe in My provision, My presence and My higher purposes for you in your life. It is well. It is complete. It is absolute, for even as I Am, that is what I will perform for you, says the Lord.

I will take the ash heap of your life and exchange them for the beautiful new things I create for you, says the Lord. Everything I do is right, and you will see My righteousness spring forth and you will not only be safe in Me, but I will beautify you with My great salvation and give you grace and glory. You will be whole and completely satisfied and fulfilled, as My favor rests upon you and I I establish and settle you in the land of My promise, says the Lord.

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