Rest in Me, says the Lord. You have labored and fought battles and are weary and battle fatigued from all the things you have fought for. Now I want you to lean on Me. Entrust your care to Me. Focus on Me and turn away from the endless questions and concerns that only confuse you, burden you, distract you and disable you. I will give you rest as you shift all your burdens and concerns and cares over into Me and allow me to be your all in all. I will take care of you and all your concerns. I have you. Do not let the daily concerns of life wear you down or keep you frustrated and fearful. Look at all I have done for you and all that I have brought you through. I will not ever forsake you but Am your shelter in the time of storm. I am your place of safety. I am your comforter. I am your provider, your protector and you are My child, says the LORD.

Let your mind be at rest. Left your heart be untroubled. I have been with you. I Am with you and will always be faithfully by your side to help you and hold you up and keep you from falling. Be of good cheer, for you are safe in My arms and secure. I will give you rest if you will enter into it and let Me take care of all the big and small things. For as I numbered the hairs on your head and watch over you night and day, surely I will take care of the most insignificant details and give you everything you need as you entrust yourself and life totally to me, who is always faithful and true, says the Lord.

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