Forget the past things that only keep you stuck the quagmire of regrets and self-loathing, says the LORD. I get no pleasure out of your misery. When you confess your sins to Me, didn’t I promise to forgive and forget them and completely cleanse you from all unrighteousness? I cast them from you and remove the record of them completely. They do not exist. So why are you receiving a life sentence for things that I have wiped out? Move forward and do not wallow in the things that you cannot erase or change. Accept My sacrifice for you as I wash every mark and stain of sin away and give you My righteousness, as you place your faith and trust in Me as your Redeemer, Savior and Lord.

Your destiny purpose is not to be buried beneath a mountain of regrets and thoughts of past failures, says the LORD. Press forward and push yourself out of the depressive things of the past, for the future is bright and you will have light on the path I order for you. Your purpose remains intact, unchanging, and unflawed. You cannot go forward while looking back or you will surely stumble, despite the light that I give you. Walk in the light and take the good steps that I have ordered for you that are towards the promises that I will never renege on. Walk by faith in My infallible Word and you will have abiding peace and your purpose which is ahead of you will unfold, says the LORD.

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