How Am I doing so far, I ask? Take a look at what I have done for you in the past, and what I Am doing for you right now, says the LORD. You have it made, because I Am your care giver and your source at all times. I never run out of answers for your endless questions, and My supplies are never depleted. I have everything you need, and AM your everything and ALL, says the LORD.

I ask you, how Am I doing for you? Have I ever failed you? Have I left you? Have I ever turned My back on you? Never, says the LORD. You are NEVER alone. You are never out of My sight. You are always in My care. I Am always with you to secure you and furnish you and equip you so that you are able to overcome every trial, pass every test, and have the good success that I have guaranteed for all who trust in ME. I Am faithful and true, and you are always given more than enough so that you will finish well, as I empower you each day, and grant you fresh mercy, compassion and grace for every step of the way that I order for you, says the LORD.

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