I Keep My Promises

I keep My promises and will not break covenant with you, says the LORD. What I say, I mean. I Am not looking for a reason to renege on anything that I have declared. I watch over My WORD to perform it, and that includes every promise that I have made. I cannot alter it and will not change even one jot or tittle, or punctuation mark. Not only is My Word a perfect Word, but it will be performed as you exercise your faith in Me, says the LORD.

Don’t miss out on what I have or you by impatience and unbelief, says the LORD. Turn your back on the empty threats of the enemy and just walk away. I have your back, as I Am your rear guard. Though others feign to be your friend, only to abuse you and use you for their own purposes, I will never do that. I Am a faithful friend who will stay with you always, and I will help you! I will not disappoint you or lead you into a trap. I will keep you safe, shelter you in My arms, and give you everything that I promised, as you trust in Me, says the LORD.

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