There is NO Breach of Promise with Me

There is no breach of promise with ME, says the LORD. I will fulfill them, completely and perfectly, as you believe and receive the ingrafted Word that I have given you in your heart and life. All will become a tangible reality for you. For there is power in My Word, and power in your faith that refuses to cower to the dissenting, negative voices that are always vying for your attention. Pay particular attention to ME, and ignore the roar of the enemy. Do not pay attention to those idle threats that cannot be carried out. Trust in MY WORD and WORK in your life that is a constant, and not a variable, as you hold fast to your confession of faith in Me, says the LORD.

I will not fail, says the LORD. I cannot and will not change My Word to align with those who want to weaken it, change it, ignore it, or disbelieve. I honor My Word, and watch over it to perform it. There will be a performance of My Word for you as you refuse to adhere to the enemy. You will embrace My promises…all of them. You do not have to pick and chose. TAKE THEM ALL, and receive everything that I have promised you, by simple, childlike, dependent faith. A promise is a promise, and I would not give them if I did not mean them. What I have spoken, I fully intend to perform for all who Will receive, and believe My infallible Word, and not waver in their faith and confidence in ME to fulfill it, completely and perfectly, and precisely, without exception or respecter of persons, says the LORD.

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