Be Calm. Be Quiet. Be at Peace!

Peace is My prescription for you, says the LORD. I Am not the author of the chaos and the outrageous things that the enemy is planning are NOT of ME. My peace is what I have ordained for you, and even in the midst of the most hideous disruptions, you can be still and KNOW that I Am your GOD in the midst of it all. You can rest. You can have assurance that I will bring order to the disorder, and you are safe and secure in Me, says the LORD.

Be calm. Be quiet. Be at peace, says the LORD. For you are going to soar like an eagle, high above the raging storms of life, and they will not impact you at all, as you entrust everything to ME. I will take care of you and grant you the desires of your heart, and empower you to not only overcome, but to stand on the necks of your enemies. You will not be a victim of circumstances that have NOTHING TO DO WITH ME and what I have created you to be and ordained for your destiny purposes. Just relax in Me until the storm passes over, for I AM your pavilion, and you are secure and well provisioned in Me, says the LORD.

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