Stability Comes From Trusting Me and My Infallible Word

Don’t get caught up in an emotional roller coaster, says the LORD. Feelings are not faith, and they cannot be confused. Stability comes from trusting Me and My infallible WORD that does not change in times, seasons, or events. There is nothing that can change Me, change My will, change My mind, change My direction, change MY vision, Change My purposes, change My plans. AS you stay on My Word and not allow yourself to be tossed and blown away by every wind and doctrine, every emotional event, everything that could wrap you up in the moment, then you will have stability all the time, says the LORD.

False prophets and false illusions, false dreams, and false doctrines are not new, says the LORD. They have always existed and will not cease. But you can remain, fixed and settled, regardless of what you hear, what you are feeling, or what negative circumstances are vying for your attention and endeavoring to get distract you from Me. Just be calm. Don’t panic! Be patient. Be vigilant. Be determined to HEAR My voice on the inside of you. I Am speaking, will speak, and My WORDS will not fail. They endure forever. Trust and obey MY VOICE, for you will have it. Follow My lead. I Am gently calming and quieting you and will give you MY peace when your mind is fixed on Me and you maintain your faith and trust in Me at all times, says the LORD.

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