I Am the Lord That Heals You

By His Stripes we are Healed

The Lord says, I Am the Lord that heals you. I want you to be whole this very day. It is what I fully purchased for you, and declared to be a finished work when I suffered the many stripes and died on the cross for you. There was nothing that you need that was left out. I died that you

Give Your Way out of Debt

Give your way out of debt, says the Lord.  Give your way out of need.  Even as the widow of old only had enough food for one meal for her son and herself during the long famine, she gave a small cake to the Prophet Elijah first.  The meal and the oil lasted many days as I multiplied it daily for them, and

I Will Fill You with My Glory and My Power

I will fill you with My glory and My power in My presence, says the Lord.  There is no end to My power and glory!  You cannot exhaust it.  As you press into My presence, I will press My presence into you.  You will be filled to capacity and overflowing with My radiant glory.  Come closer.  Receive from Me the

I Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart

I will give you the desires of your heart as you trust in Me, says the Lord.  For I have placed them within you. As you have sought My will to be done in your life, and as you have desired to have My thoughts, I have placed these very desires within you.  They are like a seed, says the

Hold onto My Unfailing Hand

Unfailing Hands

Hold onto My unfailing hand, says the Lord. I Am leading you out of darkness into the dawning of a new day.  Yes, the day is about to break, and there will be change.  The winds of change are blowing and My Spirit is moving you into a new season.  The old will have passed away and the sudden newness

A Bountiful Harvest Awaits You


A bountiful harvest awaits you, says the Lord.  You have sown in tears, and you will reap in joy. You have labored, you have endured the long season of waiting for the precious seed to produce.  Your labor is not vain in Me, and you will reap what you have sown.  You have labored through the long blistering hot trials and testing of your faith.  You have

Prosperity and Good Health Are a Gift

Prosperity and good health are a gift from Me, says the Lord, and it is My desire that you have every benefit that I paid for by my finished work on the cross.  It is not My will for you to be suffer.  I Am not the cause of sickness and disease.  The enemy is.  He is all about darkness,

Don’t Lose Hope

Don’t lose hope, says the Lord.  Hope in ME.  I Am a promise keeper, and I will not fail.  Do not look at what seems to be delays in your answer, for nothing can keep Me from fulfilling every Word spoken over you and everything you have believed in it’s time.  I Am in charge of all your times and

You Shall Reign in Life As a King


You shall reign in life as a King, says the Lord. I have made My beloved children Kings and priests unto Me. It is a now royalty. It is now authority. It is a now dominion. I didn’t make you to be run over; I have made you to rule, says the Lord. This is not just in Heaven, but

I Have Sent My Angels to Encamp

I have sent My angels to encamp round about, you, says the Lord, and they are on task to keep you in all your ways.  My ministering spirits are equipped with flaming swords that battle for you against the dark forces that are fighting against you and those that you Love.  I Am fortifying you and Am a mighty fortress