What I say is exactly what I will do, says the LORD. Believe in My Word and walk in it. As you do, you will be on the road to your miracle. Don’t even look around at the impossibilities. The winds of adversity are not ordained by Me, but I will move you by the Winds of MY SPIRIT as they push back the storms and create a calm for you. I will shake things and move things, and remove things out of the way, but you will not be removed. The situations will not jar you from My hands that hold you and secure you. JUST walk in MY infallible WORD and have unwavering faith in Me and everything that I speak, says the LORD.

Is it not I that said, “PEACE! Be Still,” when the storm was raging, the ship was taking in water, and My disciples feared the violent wings and waves? I spoke, and peace came. Will not I speak to the storms that are around you and quiet your fears? Will not I calm the raging storms that are within? I will! Just trust in Me and know that I AM with you in every circumstance. I Am right by your side, to secure you, quiet you, settle you, provide for you, protect you and save you. JUST believe, and know that I will watch over you and the word that I have spoken over you, that will be done, as you have simple, dependent, child-like trust in ME and My infallible Word that is always what I will perform for you, says the LORD.

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