Know My Word, says the LORD. Speak My Word. Pray My Word. Teach My WORD. Believe My Word and always stand upon My Word. Keep My Word and obey it. For as you do, you will witness that everything I have spoken is not only the truth, but it will be true or you! Many have NOT kept their word as they made promises to you that they did not honor. Though they have utterly failed, disappointed you, dishonored you and broken covenant with you again and again, I will never do that, says the LORD.

I watch over My Word to perform it, says the LORD. That is why I want you to REPEAT AFTER ME! Never mind what others say and do not do, but I want YOU to be a doer of MY WORD that will work wonderfully in your life. My Word is absolute, unchanging, invincible, infallible, life giving, healing, delivering, empowering and everlasting. What I say, I mean, and I will perform My WORD for you as you believe and receive all that I have spoken, and never change your resolve to have faith and trust in Me, says the LORD.

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