perfect peaceMy peace that I give you is priceless, says the LORD. No one can afford it. No one can purchase it for you, and no one can take it from you. I have GIVEN it to you and I have become your peace. I have not measured it onto you. Perfect peace belongs to everyone who trusts in ME, and as you focus on Me and simply take Me at My Word, IT WILL WORK for you and everything will come together and work together for GOOD, as I have promised all those who refuse to give into the tormenting fear of the enemy but rather choose to trust in Me at all times, says the LORD.

My perfect peace for you tells you that it is complete, says the LORD. Though the enemy threatens you with the roar of a lion, you do not have to entertain his diabolical words. They cannot come to pass. DID I SAY that I will watch over the words of man, the words of evil doers, the words of your enemies or the words of the devil to perform them? THERE WILL BE NO PERFORMANCE of those lies and his threats are nonsensical. The weapons of your warfare that I give you are greater than the weapons formed against you that cannot and will not touch you. Your peace is assured because victory is always yours as you overcome the world, the devil, and every situation that the enemy creates to defeat you with your undefeatable faith and trust in ME. You are an overcomer. You are the declared victor, and you will have My peace that passes understanding while in the midst of the fray, because you are already assured that you will win the battles and the wars, because I am with you always, says the LORD.

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