victory-in-jesusDon’t be discouraged, but encouraged, says the LORD. Keep your eyes on Me rather than your circumstances. Attend unto My WORD rather than the words of others. Though the storms rage, know that your faith in Me will bring a calm. The sudden and unexpected storms will come, and they will also GO as quickly as they came. JUST use your faith that I have given you and stay focused on My promises. You will realize them as you cling to Me and My Holy Word, without wavering, says the LORD.

Let your own mind be renewed as you align your thoughts with My Word that I WILL WATCH OVER to perform for all who will believe, says the LORD. My Word is infallible, and you too will not be able to be defeated as your faith and trust in Me and My Word will bring you out of trouble, sustain you through every difficult time, and give you the victory that belongs to you, because YOU BELONG TO ME, says the LORD.

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