I Have Made You

You are not complicated says the LORD. You are complex. I have made you and poured into you much and have given you unspeakable gifts. You are My workmanship and I highly value you. You do not even know the extent of who I have made you to be and are not fully aware of the gifts that you have.

Activate the Gifts

Activate the gifts and ministries and fruits of My SPIRIT that I have given to you, says the LORD. For you must release them. You must use them. They are not to be on a shelf, or closet or sitting idle even in front of you or others. I did not want them to be in a display case. Put

Give Thanks onto Me

Give thanks onto Me at all times and let your praises arise in your heart and from your mouth, says the LORD. I inhabit your praise. I will give you a song in the night and cause your heart to sing even in the midst of the storms of life, for your confidence will be in ME to see you

My Gifts Cannot Be Taken Away

My gifts cannot be taken away from you, says the LORD. They do not belong to the enemy and I will not allow the thief to enter in. I have given you sons and daughters and say that they are My inheritance. They are not up for sale and the enemy will not enclave them, keep them bound or extract

I Am the One

I AM the One who is keeping you night and day, says the Lord. Even when you sleep, I have a watchful eye over you. You are safe and secure in ME at all times. I do not change. Your care today and tomorrow is not more difficult for me than that of the past. I have lead you continually.